Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Date: 25.02.2021

Major Project


All the students of 8th semester are hereby informed that they have to submit Major Project synopsis signed by guide and co-guide (if any) latest by 5th March 2021 after discussing and getting final approvals from respective guide / co-guide (if any). The following points should be noted while submitting the synopsis:

1.      The project synopsis should be in the format as per ANNEXURE.

2.      Synopsis submission file type should be in .pdf.

3.      File naming format for synopsis submission should be synopsis_projectID.

4.      If project is research-based, students must submit the following:

a.       base research paper

b.      research objectives

5.      If project is application-based than students must submit the following:

a.       Hardware requirements

b.      Software requirement, details etc. 

c.       Benefits of project for the society

6.      If project is Idea-POC-Prototype than students must submit the following:

a.       Evidence of feasibility and validation of the ideas and assumptions


The online form URL for submitting the synopsis is:

Format for Major Project Synopsis