IEEE MAIT Student Branch


Foundation stones for the association of IEEE were laid to achieve a confluence of knowledge, innovation and vision, giving birth to IEEE MAIT student branch. Since its evolution, IEEE MAIT has climbed up the ladder and has now reached the summit of being one of the best in Delhi Section. Throughout the academic years, IEEE MAIT has organized plethora of events that enhance the technological, managerial, humanitarian and social skills. Apart from weekly SIGs, workshops and technical competitions, IEEE MAIT takes pride in being the host for Delhi Section Award ceremony held on 4th May, 2018, witnessing the presence of dignitaries like Dr.RachnaGarg and Dr.JasdeepKaur.

Under the guidance of our highly supportive branch counselor, Dr Monika Gupta, our team always strives to break its own records and create new milestones. IEEE MAIT shall always endeavor to deliver its best and realize the mission and vision of IEEE with never-ending dedication, sincerity and enthusiasm.

Year 2015 witnessed the SIGs on MATLAB, Coding and Arduino to inculcate the interest for technology in young minds. Workshops on LFR and Big Data were appreciated along with the Placement-mantra session. Followed by the Orientation for session 2016-17, the workshops and SIGs became popular with introduction to new topics like Python, Data Science, Solidworks and IOT. The celebration of IEEE DAY 2016 was also a major hit. The Annual Flagship Robotics Event, ROBO-X was held on October 24th, 2016 which attracted participation from all the major student branches of Delhi Section, along with the workshop on PCB designing leading onto the developing but unraveled roads of technology. The much-anticipated Annual Tech Event was held across a span of four days from 5th to 8th April, 2017. Lining up these creatively conceptualized and technologically entertaining events, organized under the banner of IEEE MAIT witnessed huge enthusiastic participation.


IEEE Exicom Members (2017-18)

Name of the office bearers. Designation
Dr.Monika Gupta Branch counselor
SamrajAggarwal Chairperson
Deepanshu Gupta Vice Chairperson
SuyashAhluwalia General- Secretory
GauravMongia Joint Secretory
Aman Mittal Treasurer
Robin Bhandari Technical Head
TamalDey PR Head
Shrishti WIE Chairperson
TanishGoyal WIE vice chairperson

Events organized By the IEEE Students’ Chapter

S.No. Name of the Events Date of the Events Name of the Resource Persons
 1 SIG on MATLAB 29th October2015 Mr. Ikjot Singh
 2 SI Gonbasic Arduino 2nd November2015 Mr. Manish Chauhan
 3 IEEE Orientation 20th January2016 Dr. Rachna Garg
Mr. Gitansh Anand
Mr. Tushar Varshney
4 Placement Mantra 3rd February2016

Mr. Saharsh Jain

Mr. Swapnil Ahuja

 5 SIG on Competitive Coding 17-19February2016 Mr. Deepak
 6 LFR Workshop 4th April2016 Mr. Ikjot Singh
 7 Big Data 5th April2016 Mr. Saharsh Jain
 8 IEEE Orientation 23rd August2016 Mr. Ikjot Singh


SIG on Python 24th August2016 Mr. Shubham
10  SIGonDatascience 26th August2016 Ms. Arushi Arora
11  Solidworks workshop 29th August2016 Mr. Anurag
12  Robobolt 4th October2016 Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Mr. Utkarsh Verma

13  QuizObrain 4th October2016 Mr. Aman Mittal
14  TheLogoSystem 4th October2016 Mr. Samraj Agarwal
15  James Bomb 4th October2016 Ms. Srishti
16  Circuit X 4th October2016 Mr. Rohin
17  Component Guessing 4th October2016 Ms. Sumita
18  Robo X 24October2016 Mr. Rohin Bhandari
19  IOT Workshop 6-7February2017 Mr. Ayush Gupta
20  PCB Designing Workshop 15-20February2017 Mr. Kavya Gupta, Ms. Sumita, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia, Mr. Deepanshu Gupta
21  BlankSpace 5th April2017 Mr. Divay Garg
22  CodificaConcorrenza 6th April2017 Mr. Divay Garg
Mr. Vaibhav Garg
23  The Salvour 6th April2017 Ms. Sumita, Mr. Deepanshu Gupta
24  CAD 360 6th April2017 Mr. Divay Garg
Mr. Vaibhav Garg
25  A-Mazed 7th April2017 Ms. Sumita, Mr. Utkarsh Verma Mr. Deepanshu Gupta
26  League of Bots 7th April2017 Mr. Gaurav Mongia Mr. Utkarsh Verma
27  IEEE farewell 8th May2017 Ms. Swati Bansal
28 Meeting 9th August2017 Ms. Swati Bansal
29  Orientation 2017 11th August2017 Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia
30  Embedded Systems Techday 21st August2017 Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Ms. Sumita, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia


22nd August2017 Mr. Gaurav Mongia, Ms. Srishti
32  Code Basics Techday 23rd August2017 Mr. Aman Mittal, Mr. Rohin Bhandari
34  Membership Drive 24-25August2017 Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Ms. Sumita
35  Game Development Workshop 8-9Sep'17 Mr. Punya Aachman
36  CORTEX 6th Oct'17 Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia, Mr. Samraj Agarwal

6th Oct'17

Mr. Samraj Agarwal
38  Game of Bots

6th Oct'17

Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia
39  El-Robotico

6th Oct'17

Mr. Gaurav Mongia


6th Oct'17

Mr. Rohin Bhandari

The Pentagon

6th Oct'17 Ms. Srishti

Session on Information Security practices for organizations

24th Oct2017

Mr. Vinay Saini



PCB Designing Workshop

15th - 22nd Feb                       2018

Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Ms. Sumita, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia,


8th Feb2018

Mr. Samraj Agarwal

Embedded systems SIG

7th Feb2018

Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Ms. Sumita, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia


1st Feb2018

Mr. Gaurav Mongia

UI/UX Designing SIG

1st Feb2018 Mr. Samraj Agarwal
48  Coding SIG 2nd Feb2018 Mr. Aman Mittal

Embedded systems SIG

31st Jan2018

Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, Ms. Sumita, Mr. Suyash Ahluwalia,

Meeting for technical festival

29th Jan2018

IEEE MAIT Organizing team

Biannual planning Meeting

24h Jan2018

Dr. Monica Gupta & IEEE Execom Students

Year review meeting

18th Jan2018

Dr. Monica Gupta & IEEE Execom Students.
53  Students Interactive Group session 12th April 2018 Mr. Sachin Srivastav
54  Delhi section Award Ceremony 4th May 2018 Dr. Rachna Garg, Dr. Jasdeep Kaur