Industry Interaction

Industrial visit to “Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)”

Department of Computer Science and Engineering organised an industrial visit to “Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)” on 15th February 2019 for the students of the Department.Mr Ashish Sharma, Assistant Professor, CSE visited the site along the students of the CSE Department.The Director of SSPL (Solid State Physics Laboratory(SSPL) – which is one of the laboratory under DRDO) Ms. Seema Vinayak, gave an insight of DRDO and SSPL. Students visited characterization laboratory and various equipment’s like Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Optical Bench, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS), etc. were shown to them. Following to this next laboratory, which is used for the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers was shown to the students by Dr. Soni. At the end, students were addressed by Prof. Chandra Prakash were he discussed various opportunities for the students at DRDO. Prof.(Dr.) Namita Gupta, Head of Department, CSE and Mr. Ashish Sharma (Assistant Professors, CSE) coordinated the event.