Students Research Papers in Journals/Conferences(Aug 2016- July 2017)

S.No. Student Name Roll Number Title Journal/conference ISSN/DOI Indexing Year
1 Nishant Nagwal  2096402713 “Role of Big Data in Make in India smart city” International Symposium on Computer Science & Computer Engineering ( ISCSCE 2016 )  2350-1146 IEEE Xplore 2016
2 Anubhav Jindal, Bhoomika Gupta, Udgeeth Aggarwal  814802713, 14414802713,14314802713 “Kurir:android based social messaging application”  International Conference on Business Process Re-engineering for Sustainability and Climate Change:Issues and Perspectives  -     26-Feb-17
3 Aarzoo Gupta 00914802713 “An improved service allocation and deallocation in cloud environment” Indiacom Conference   -  IEEE Xplore Feb,2017
4 Vineet Jain, Ayush Bhatia, Vaibhav Arora 1014802713, 7614802713,7514802713 Crime Prediction using K-means algorithm Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering  2455-5703 Google Scholar April, 2017