Research Papers in Journals/Conferences(Aug 2016- July 2017)

S.No. Faculty Name Title Journal/Conference ISSN/DOI Indexing Year
1 Dr. Deepak Gupta Usability Evaluation of Live Auction Portal International Journal of Control Theory and Applications 0974-5572 Scopus 2016
2 Dr. Ashish Khanna h-Group local mutual exclusion algorithm in MANETs CSI Transaction on the ICT (Springer), 2016. 227–234 / 10.1007/s40012-016-0099-7  INSPEC, Google Scholar, CNKI July,2016
3 Mr. Sandeep Tayal Role of bigdata in makein India International Conference on Advanced computing and intelligent Engineering  -   Dec , 2016
4 Mr. Neeraj Garg Studying Daily Behavior Patterns using Fuzzy Networks International Conference on Information Processing (IICIP- 2016)  -   12-14 Aug, 2016
5 Dr. Deepak Gupta Usability Feature Selection via MBBAT: A Novel Approach”     Journal of Computational Sciences 1877-7503 SCIE (IF1.74) 2017
6 Dr. Deepak Gupta Usability Prediction and Ranking of SDLC models using Fuzzy Hierarchical Usability Model Open Engineering (Central European Journal of Engineering),  2391-5439 ESCI, SCOPUS 2017
7 Dr. Deepak Gupta Usability Prediction of Live Auction using Multistage Fuzzy System” Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2288-6710 Scopus 2017
8 Mr. Yogesh Sharma Crime Prediction using K-means algorithm Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering  2455-5703 Google Scholar April, 2017
11 Dr. Pooja Gupta Comparative analysis of Indexing Techniques INDIACom  - IEEE Xplore 2017
9 Dr. Pooja Gupta An Improved Service allocation and deallocation in cloud environment INDIACom   IEEE Xplore 2017
10 Mr. Neeraj Garg Triggering Personalized Context Services for Moving Shoppers INDIACom   IEEE Xplore 2017
11 Mr. Sandeep Tayal Comparative Study of Ranking Algorithm INDIACom   IEEE Xplore 2017
12 Mr.Sandeep Tayal Development Indicators Analysis Using R INDIACom   IEEE Xplore 2017
13 Dr. Ashish Khanna Software Usability Datasets International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 1314-3395 Scopus 2017
14 Dr. Deepak Gupta Software Usability Datasets International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 1314-3395 Scopus 2017
15 Ms. Neelam Sharma An Enhanced simple protocol for wireless body area networks Journal of Engineering Science and Technology 1823-4690 ESCI, SCOPUS 2017
16 Ms. Ruchi Goel An Assistive Mobility Device for Blind : White Guide International Journal for Innovative Research in Science and Technology 2347-3258 Google Scholar, CiteSeer, DOAJ, IndexCopernicus February,2017