MAIT ACM Student Chapter

Association for Computing Machinery student chapter at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology is an active student body formed in November 2015 that aims to develop a technical aptitude among students by hosting events and conducting seminars and workshops to accomplish this mission.

ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field's challenges. As the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. ACM supports the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for lifelong learning, career development, and professional networking.

Activities under ACM student chapter:

 MAIT ACM Student Chapter conducted its first edition of “DAYS OF HACK” – a hackathon in association with Campus Blocks MAIT at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology on 7th-8th February, 2019.

Faculty Chair: Mr. Anupam Kumar

ACM Core Team Executive Members:

Year Post Student Name
2017-18 Faculty Chair Mr Anupam Kumar
Chair Akshat Kishore
Vice Chair Meghansh Goel
Secretary Vineet Goel
Treasurer Shubham Mittal
Webmaster Savitoj Singh
Marketing Head Vansh Mittal
Web Developer Rahul garg
Technical Head Vasudev Awatramani
Joint Software Head Pushkar Goel, Mayank Bansal, Anand Rai
Software Developer Parth Vaishnavi, Varun Saraf, Anant Kedia
Content Writer Siddharth Kumar


Faculty Chair Mr Anupam Kumar
Chair Sagar Miglani
Vice Chair Hitesh Kumar
Secretary Aishwarya Dhembla
Treasurer Ashwarya Singh
Webmaster Moulick Aggarwal, Anuj Sharma
Marketing Head Saurabh Antil
Web Developer Harshit Aggarwal
Membership Chair Prachi Pundir
Head Coordinator Akshat Kishore
2015-16 Faculty Chair Mr Anupam Kumar
Chair Dhruv Kuchchal
Vice Chair Rohan Gupta
Secretary Somin Wadhwa
Treasurer Ayush Agarwal
Webmaster Ratik Bhat
Marketing Head Akshay Bhatnagar
Web Developer Aviral Gupta, Akshay Sharma

Events Held under MAIT ACM Student Chapter:

CodeMocha - 2: by MAIT ACM Student Chapter

S. No. Name of the Events Date of the Events Name of the Resource Persons / Event Co-ordinator Event Details
1. Techtalk on LiFi 16th February, 2016 Mr. Saurabh Garg (CTO, Velmenni)
2. CodèMocha 08th March, 2017

Online (Sagar Miglani


Online Coding Competition with cash prize of Rs. 2000

Winner: Archit Chauhan

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida

Participation fee : Rs. 50

3. BugSmash 13th April, 2017

Online (Sagar Miglani


Online Coding Competition with cash prize of Rs. 500


Abhinav Dutt

Enrollment No : 40514802815


4. Interview for Core Team 24th August, 2017 Sagar Miglani

Front End Web Development Workshop

(HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)

04th October, 2017 Akshat Kishore

A workshop intended to introduce basic front - end web development technologies (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap) for.

6. New and Updated Website Roll-out 08th January, 2018

Sagar Miglani,

Meghansh Goel, Savitoj Singh

7. Chapter Android App 03rd March, 2018 Vasudev Awatramani Designed for chapter members, they can login with their credentials and keep track of all chapter activities, performance, etc.
8. ACM GeekEnds January-February, 2018

Akshat Kishore,

Savitoj Singh, Mayank Bansal, Pushkar Goel,

Anand Rai

Three Weekends of continuous grilling on MAIT-ACM HackerEarth portal with a different set of questions each weekend with cumulative results judging winners. Certificates were given to top rankers(1st,2nd,3rd)

1st Prize: Vipin Bhardwaj

2nd Prize: Bittoo Aggarwal

3rd Prize: Shubham Jain

9. Workshop on Interactive Graphics and HTML Canvas 19th – 20th March, 2018

Akshat Kishore,

Meghansh Goel, Savitoj Singh

Students participated and learnt HTML canvas and Javascript and implemented this knowledge gained onto a project they developed on the spot.

10. Workshop on Android Kotlin 9th - 10th April, 2018

Akshat Kishore,

Vasudev Awatramani

Students participated in a 2-day project - oriented workshop on the Kotlin framework and its application in android app development along with the development of an android game app.