Visit to Innovation and Incubation Centre, GGSIPU on 15 March 2023

25 Students of Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Department of Computer Science & Technology, MAIT along with Faculty members: Prof. Namita Gupta ( HoD,CSE and President IIC-MAIT), Mr. Ashish Sharma, Ms. Savita Sharma and Ms. Ruchi Goel visited Innovation and Incubation centre of GGSIPU on 15 March 2023.
Prof. Amit Prakash Singh, Director-IPU Innovation & Incubation Foundation, GGSIPU explained in detail about I2C ,GGSIPU set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the Faculty, Staff, Research Scholars, Students of GGSIPU and startup from vicinity. He explained to students and faculties about various facilities and support that Innovation & Incubation centre of GGSIPU provide to all the students.
He stressed Innovation and Incubation centre at GGSIPU primarily aim at promoting economic development of the country by supporting start-up companies. He added India needs young graduates with creative thinking to develop and manufacture new products to address the challenges faced by the industry and society. In order to mould the students to the expectations of the government, educational institutes need to start the innovation and incubation centres.
The Innovation and Incubation Centre at GGSIPU discusses the technical and financial viability of any idea that a student comes up with. If found viable, the Centre nurtures the idea and facilitates the technology for it. The idea is then presented to an expert team and industry professionals to turn it into a successful small-scale business with the potential to grow bigger.
Prof. Amit Prakash Interacted with every student and faculty members and explained ,In order to implement a new Idea , students must be equipped with all the cognitive levels of learning, the students must be given open ended experiments in laboratories which are design/algorithm based, they should be encouraged with the multi discipline research projects in every area of technology such as internet of things, big data analysis,robotics and cyber security .