Ms. Ruchi Goel

Assistant Professor

Office:   Room No. 128, Block I,

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Maharaja, Agrasen Institute of Technology, Sector-22, Rohini

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.ruchigoel @mait.ac..in

Educational Qualifications

                   Ph.D (Pursuing), DTU, Delhi

M.Tech from DCE, Delhi,

                   B. Tech (CSE) (M.D.U, Rohtak)

Area of Interest

Database, Software Testing, Multimedia, loud computing, Web Mining

Research Papers Publications

  1. Akshi Kumar, Ruchi Goel” Event driven test case selection for regression testing web application” ICAESM 2012 –Nagapattinam ,March 2012
  2. Akriti BahalRachit Gupta and Ruchi Goel “New touchscreens-SkinputSixthsense or Omnitouch”, IEEE 4th International Coference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction , IIT Kharagpurdec ,2012.
  3. Mahima KukerajaVageesh Vyas and Ruchi Goel “Exterminating Congestion in Wireless sensor Networks” in INDIACOM-2013,pp.209-214, March,2013
  4. Ruchi Goel, Kriti Seth and, Richa Sharma “An Analysis of Mutation Testing “International journal of Advanced Engineering and Global Technology, vol-03,issue-11,Dec 2015.ISSN:-2309-4893
  5. Ruchi Goel, Namita Gupta “Survey on Acceptance Testing Technique” International Journal of Advanced Engineering and global Technology, Volume 1, Issue 8, Issue 2014 ISSN 2279-0063
  6. Pragati Agarwal,Ankur Gupta,Shivank Garg,Nirbheek Banga,Ruchi Goel “An Assistive Mobility Device for the Blind:White Guide “International journal for innovative Research in Science and Technology,volume3,issue 2,April-2017 ISSN (online) : 2349-6010
  7. Namit MohaleSourabh Gupta, Shubham Goyal and Ruchi Goel “iG Protection (Data Encryption using Gestures), International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume-7 Issue-2, May 2018, ISSN: 2277-3878
  8. Ruchi Goel ; Sonali ManhasShadual Sinha Extracting User's Posts to Perform Sentiment Analysis and Recommend Yoga,International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology,Volume -4 Issue – 11,2018, ISSN (online) : 2349-6010