Dr.  Neeraj Garg

Associate Professor

Office:   Room No. 127, Block I,

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Maharaja, Agrasen Institute of Technology, Sector-22, Rohini

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D.  from N.I.T., Kurukshetra

Area of Interest

Mobile Computing, Pervasive Computing, Computer Networks, Algorithms Design and computation 

Research Papers Publications

1. Neeraj Garg,“Radio Resource Management & Energy Consumption” National Conference on Energy, Communication & Computer Systems, at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology. Delhi, February 2-4, 2006.

2. Neeraj Garg ,"Moving From SIM to WIM " National Conference on Computer & Communications ( NCCC-06),G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science,Shaikpet, Hyderabad-,July 2006 ,pp 31-36.

3. Neeraj Garg ,"Performance Analysis of Manets in Scalability(CSI-2006) , CSI 41st National Annual Convention, Science City, Kolkata-P031,November, 2006.

4. Neeraj Garg ,"Manets Scalability(revised Version)"Obcom-International Conference,Vellore Instituite of TechnoklogyVellore,TN.,Dec 2006.

5. Neeraj Garg, Dr. A.K..Singh,”Overview of Agent technology in Mobile Computing “IITL-Infotech 2007,Haldia Institute of Technolgy,-Mar‟ 07,pp 429-438.(International Conference)

6. Neeraj Garg, Dr. A.K.Singh, ”Agent Platforms And Technology Behind “,CITA -2009 ,Malaysia .International Conference)

7. Neeraj Garg, Dr. A.K..Singh ,'Issues while Making Mobile Application through Agent Technology' has been accepted for publication in Special Issue on Computations in Computer Engineering, International Journal of Computer Science and System analysis-IJCSSA-(cc0134

8. Neeraj Garg, Dr. A.K..Singh , “Issues in making mobile application using Context location information” (Paper No – P494.) , “International Conference on Innovative Technologies (ICIT-09): Research and Development in Science, Technology and Management , June18, 19 2009 at PDM College of Engineering, Bahadurgarh.

9. Neeraj Garg, Dr. A.K..Singh ,” Performance Analysis of Manets „ in international journal in Oct. 2006 in IJCMSA which has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Computer Mathematical Science and applications (CMSA 21).

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11. Neeraj Garg, Kshtiij Dogra “RWD-Securing Mobile ad-hoc Networks from Wormhole Attacks “ , ISP-10 conference (Paper ref no ISP-224 AS A part of Multiconf-10-Promote Research Group)-sponsored/Published by oxford Journal.

12. Neeraj Garg, Kshtiij Dogra , “A Reversal Scheme of Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks from Wormhole Attacks”, ICNIT 2010, held on 11-13, June 2010, Manila, Philippines.( International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) and IEEE.),IEEE Xplore and indexed by both EI (Compendex) and ISI Proceeding (ISTP).

13. Neeraj Garg , Varun Gupta ” Search Bot: Search Intention Based Filtering Using Decision Tree Based Technique “,2012, Third International Conference on Intelligent Systems Modeling and Simulation ,ISMS 2012, IEEE Computer Society and Digital Library and I- Explore.

14. Neeraj Garg , Varun Gupta , ” Search Bot:Search Intention based Filtering using

Probabilistic Reasoning based Technique, IRI 2012, IRFC 2012, paper no. 16.

15. Neeraj Garg, Jitender Lather and Sanjay Dhurandher“ A model based on Context Discussions for locationing mobile user. ,IEEE EXPLORE , WICT 2011, Mumbai, India Dec. 2011, Paper no. 379.

16. Neeraj Garg1, J. S. Latherb, S. K. Dhurandherc*Smart applications of Context services using Automatic adaptive module and making Users Profiles) ,INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATION COMPUTING AND SECURITY in NIT Rourkela, India, 06-08 October 2012, ICCCS 351 .ELSEVIER, SCIVERSE JOURNAL.

17. Neeraj Garg, J. S. Lather, S. K. Dhurandher,” Intelligent Memory Augmentation and Pervasive computing Techniques for Current Reminders, Recalls , D1466042413 , Volume-2, Issue-4, April 2013, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology™ (IJEAT)”.

18. Neeraj Garg2, J. S. Latherb, S. K. Dhurandherc,” Tracing out mind-in-out thoughts using Human Memory Augmentation Techniques for Recalls” , IIMT Research Network, Bhuaneshwar , Odisha , International conference on Intelligent Computing , Communication and Convergence (ICCC-2014), India, 27-28 December 2014, (ELSEVIER)

19. Neeraj Garg, J. S. Lather, S. K. Dhurandher ,” Studying Daily behavior Patterns using Fuzzy Networks”,IICIP 2016, INDIA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION PROCESSING, URL,https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/IIPIC2016/Submission/Summary/152, ©2016 IEEE, paper Id 152.

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Book Chapter:

23. Published online:Neeraj Garg, J. S. Lather, S. K. Dhurandher, “Time Validity Based Message Transmission for College Activities,“ International Conference on Wireless Intelligent and Distributed Environment for Communications, WIDECOM 2018, Springer. Book series: Series Title: Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, a springerBook_442731_International conference on Wireless, Intelligent, and Distributed Environment for Communication, 2018

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