One-Day Workshop
On “Hands -On -Training On CANVA”
Date:2 April,2024

The workshop on “Hands-on-CANVA” held at MAIT in CSE Department on 2 April,2024 for the MAIT Staff. The Workshop brought together a gathering of non-teaching staff of various departments, distinguished accounts members. This event was a platform for MAIT Staff to empower and inspire the next generation of learners using CANVA. The session speakers were Dr. Jyoti Kaushik, Ms Shallu Juneja and Ms. Mini Agarwal of CSE Department. The Session speakers of the event have given the session on CANVA and encouraged the staff, emphasizing the significance of CANVA and told the staff about CANVA with AI tool.





The workshop on “Hands-on-CANVA” event concluded with a sense of opportunities and enthusiasm. It served as a motivation for staff to receive valuable information from experienced faculty members.