About the International Symposium

Recent advancements in computing and communication technologies have allowed the development of connected systems that depend primarily on IoT and Edge technologies. However, for the efficient adoption of connected healthcare, the security and privacy of next-generation smart healthcare systems are important challenges. Future technologies such as Blockchain and Machine Learning (ML) are pioneering system security solutions to aid in the effective rollout. In this context, this special section will concentrate on the crucial aspects of IoT security in a connected healthcare environment, which will not only benefit from cutting-edge methodological approaches but also assist in the rapid scalability and improvement of these systems. The objective is to utilise technologies like blockchain in an intelligent city IoT environment for communication, data security and trust management.

The International Symposium on Securing Next-Generation Systems using Future Artificial Intelligence Technologies  is organised with the objective of bringing together innovative scientists, professors, research scholars, students and industrial experts in the field of Next Generation Systems to a common forum.

Symposium Topics
• IoT security and privacy
• Security and trust in smart city and IoT environments leveraging ultra-lightweight cryptography
• QoE/QoS in IoT/edge
• IoT applications benefit from distributed and federated learning.
• Cryptology: Theory and Applications in IoT
• Access management in connected healthcare IoT
• Detection, Protection, and Prevention in a Cyber-threat-Free IoT environment
• Simulation and performance evaluation mechanisms for IoT networks
• 5G innovations for IoTs 
• ML-based IoT applications
• Blockchain-based IoT infrastructures
• Blockchain security connecting different IoT protocols
• Digital Twin for IoT systems


All the accepted papers in the special issue “Securing Next-Generation Healthcare Systems using Future AI Techniques” of Computer & Electrical Engineering Journal Elsevier, SCI Indexed IF 3.81 will be presented in SNSFAIT-2022.

All the submitted/accepted/presented papers in SNSFAIT-2022 will be published in an Edited Book as Book Chapter and will be submitted for indexing in all possible databases like Scopus, DBLP, Google, Ei and many more.

Important Dates for paper submission

Submission Deadline:                         25th June 2022

Notification of Accept/Reject:            05th July 2022

Registration Deadline:                        15th July 2022

Final Paper Due:                                  20th July 2022

Keynote Speakers

 manu_malek.jpg  Sheng.jpg
 Manu Malek, USA  Sheng-Peng Lung, Taiwan

Paper Submission

The Original unpublished Research Papers, Articles & Working papers having maximum length 8 pages on the topics related to the theme are invited for presentation/publication in the Symposium proceedings. 

  1. Kindly ensure that your paper is formatted as per paper format (not exceeding 8 pages written in A4 size). Please refer the attached springer template for preparation of your paper.
  2. All papers must be submitted online.  via Easychair
  3. All submissions will be thoroughly peer-reviewed by experts based on originality, significance and clarity.
  4. Only papers presenting original content with novel research results or successful innovative applications will be considered for publication in the Symposium proceedings.

Plagiarism Policy

  1. The paper prior to submission should be checked for plagiarism from licensed plagiarism softwares like Turnitin/iAuthenticate etc. The similarity content should not exceed 20% (in any case either self contents or others). Further, you have to strictly implement the following ethical guidelines for publication:
  2. Any form of self-plagiarism or plagiarism from others' work(s) should not be there in an article. 
  3. If any model / concept / figure / table / data / conclusive comment by any previously published work is used in your article, you should properly cite a reference to the original work.
  4. Also language of explaining it should not be same as language of the work from which you have adopted it. 
  5. If you are using any copyrighted material, you should acquire prior permission from the copyright holder. 

Organizing Committee 

  • Chief Patrons
    • Dr. Nand Kishore Garg (Founder Chairman, MATES & Chancellor, MAU)
    • Shri Vineet Kumar Gupta (Chairman MATES)
  • Patron
    • Prof. M.L. Goyal (Vice-Chairman, Academics, MATES)
    • Prof. Neelam Sharma (Director, MAIT)
  • Honorary Chair
    • Prof. Manu Malek (Nokia Bell Labs, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, United States of America)
  • General Chairs
    • Prof. Namita Gupta (HoD, CSE, MAIT)
  • Symposium Chairs
    • Prof. Pravin Chandra (Dean, USIT, GGSIPU)
    • Mr. Prashant Chugh (C-DOT, Chair, IEEE Communication Society – Delhi Chapter)
  • Program Chairs
    • Prof. Oscar Castillo (Tijuana Institute of Technology, Mexico)
    • Dr. Ashish Khanna (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Deepak Gupta (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Technical Program Chairs
    • Prof. Oscar Castillo (Tijuana Institute of Technology, Mexico)
    • Prof. R.K. Aggarwal (Dean, SoE, JNU)
    • Prof. Amit Prakash Singh (USICT, GGSIPU)
  • Organizing Chair
    • Mr. Ashish Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Mr. Yogesh Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Conveners
    • Mr. Anupam Kumar (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Farzil Kidwai (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Sandeep Tayal (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Co-Conveners
    • Dr. Pooja Gupta (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Mrs. Ruchi Goel (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Mr. Moolchand Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Finance Chair
    • Mr. Alok Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)


  • Steering Committee
    • Prof. S.S. Deswal (Dean Academics, MAIT)
    • Prof. Rajveer Mittal (HoD, EEE Dept., MAIT)
    • Prof. V.N. Mathur (HoD, MAE Dept., MAIT)
    • Prof. M.L. Sharma (HoD, IT Dept., MAIT)
    • Prof. Sunil Kr. Mathur (HoD, ECE Dept., MAIT)
    • Prof. Chander Prakash (HoD, Applied Sciences Dept., MAIT)
    • Prof. Kusum Sharma (Applied Sciences Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Vaibhav Jain (HoD, ME Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Amit Gupta (HoD, MBA Dept., MAIT)
  • Editorial Team
    • Dr. Neeraj Garg (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Mr. Ajay Kumar Tiwari (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Mini Agarwal (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Registration Team
    • Ms. Neelam Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Neetu Garg (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Zameer Fatima (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Shallu Juneja (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Sapna Gupta (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Hospitality Team
    • Mr. Saurabh Rastogi (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Jyoti Kaushik (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Akanksha Kochhar (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Mr. Nitish Uppal (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Mr. Priyank Saxena (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Certificate Team
    • Ms. Kavita Saxena (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Savita Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Karuna Middha (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Deepti Gupta (CSE Dept., MAIT)
  • Stage and Comparing Team
    • Ms. Sudha Narang (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Garima Gupta (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Prerna Sharma (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Dr. Ankita Gupta (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Sakshi Jha (CSE Dept., MAIT)
    • Ms. Kajol Dahiya (CSE Dept., MAIT)


Registration Details

It is mandatory to register the accepted paper for the symposium (single registration is required per paper and only one author will be allowed to attend and give presentation during symposium)

Registration Structure

Students Author from MAIT   :  Rs.500

IEEE ComSoc Member           : Rs. 500

Others                                      :  Rs.1000



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Submission Link:   https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=snsfait2022

Contact: Mr.  Yogesh Sharma : 9899127290



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