TechCOM the official technical society of the CSE department, MAIT was established in 2016.

It comprises a team of dedicated students headed by Prof. Namita Gupta, HOD CSE, and faculty co-ordinators Ms. Deepti Gupta & Ms. Kavita Saxena.

It’s a community of learners and leaders who aspires to create an environment for learners and to foster the spirit of learning and innovation specially in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.

We aim at bridging the gap between the technology and academia of the institute. We encourage other students to explore the world of computer science and technology by providing vast number of opportunities and the right platform to demonstrate their skills.

The vision of the society is to provide students exposure to the wide array of topics that fall under the umbrella of the field of computer science.

The objective of the society is to spread knowledge for the enhancement of computer engineers by conducting various activities such as workshops, quizzes, hackathons, webinars and regular senior-junior sessions.

Core - Team members of TechCom from August 2020 – May 2021

S.No. Position Name of the Student Roll No. Batch
1 President Mr. Nitin Mittal 01596402717 2017-2021
2 Vice President Ms. Maanvi 41714802717 2017-2021
3 General Secretary Ms. Vaishali 08114802717 2017-2021
4 Operational Head and Marketing Head Ms. Stuti 02596402717 2017-2021
5 Public Relation Head Ms. Anjali Joshi 00296402717 2017-2021
6 Coordinator Ms. Arushi 35214802717 2017-2021
7 Coordinator Ms. Srishty Pal 07314802717 2017-2021
8 Coordinator Ms. Harshita Belwal 20814802717 2017-2021
9 Coordinator Mr. Tanishq Gupta 46514802717 2017-2021
10 Coordinator Ms. Tanya Goel 36614802718 2018-2022
11 Coordinator Ms. Garima Arora 40914802718 2018-2022
12 Coordinator Mr. Ankit 01514802718 2018-2022
13 Coordinator Ms. Amisha Singla 01314802718 2018-2022
14 Coordinator Ms. Himanshi 40396402718 2018-2022
15 Coordinator Mr. Ayush Devrani 01914802718 2018-2022
16 Coordinator Mr. Madhur 06014802718 2018-2022
17 Coordinator Mr. Pavitra Walia 42414802718 2018-2022


List of Events for 2020-21

Sr. no Date of the Event Venue of the Event Time  Event Name Speaker No. of participants The beneficiary of the Workshop Write up of the Event
1 31-03-2021 online 5:30 PM International Internship Fair Mr. Mohit Verma, CEO of step-up student 90 open for all  International Internship Fair
2 08-03-2021 online  7:00 PM Coding Orientation  Mr. Mohit Uniyal, Product Engineer, Coding Blocks 50+ open for all  Coding Orientation
  02-03-2021 oniline 6:00 PM Virtual Orientation for First Sem of MAIT TechCOM team 50+ Only for First sem CSE students Virtual orientation for First sem students
3 4-12-2020 to 5-12-2020 online  24 hours HackWithMAIT Hackthon  150+ open for all  Hack-With-Mait
4 05-09-2020 online 5:00 PM Senior-Junior Interaction Mr. Sanket Singh, Software Engineer, LinkedIN and Mr. Sarhak Mittal Software Engineer, ZS Associates 65+ open for all  Senior Junior Interaction