Major Project

All the CSE students of 8th semester are hereby informed that Second (Final) Defense of Major Project will be held in offline mode tentatively on 23rd May 2022. Detailed schedule will be shared soon.
General instructions:

1. Every Project Team have to submit two hard bound copies of Major Project Report (1st for the Department and 2nd for the Guide) duly signed by Guide by 18th May  2022 in Room No. 114. Binding Color Code for Report is Maroon.
2. Guidelines for Major Project Report are uploaded on the Moodle. Each Team should follow the guidelines strictly to prepare report accordingly.
3. It is mandatory for all team members to be present at the time of defense. Each member of the Project Team will be evaluated individually. Be in formals during the presentation.
4. If project is research-based, students must have the proof of Research Paper either Communicated or Accepted (Paper must include Guide name and consent of guide is mandatory before submitting the paper to Conference / Journal)
5. If project is application-based, then students should have the proof of participation in hackathon.
6. If project is Idea-POC-Prototype-based then students must have the evidence of feasibility and validation of the ideas and assumptions and able to explain the applicability of Solution.
7. Major Project Final Defense Presentation will include- Complete Working model of Project and Presentation, which covers Abstract, Problem statement, Scope, Technology Stack, Architecture, Results, Conclusion, Limitations, Future Scope, References and Research Paper proof.
8. Each student must fill the Major Project Course Exit Survey on Moodle before appearing for final defense. Link for the same is:
9. Each Team will be evaluated based on the Rubrics already shared on the Moodle.
10. Each Project Team has to fill this google form before appearing for the defense:

Note: In case any team member is not able to appear for final defense on scheduled date, student should inform his/her Counselor and Guide in advance.

Prof. (Dr.) Namita Gupta        

HOD CSE                           

Project Coordinators:

1. Mr. Ashish Sharma                                     

2. Ms. Ruchi Goel

3. Ms. Savita Sharma