Students Achievements


Smart India Hackathon 2019 - 19 teams of MAIT shortlisted by MHRD, AICTE, i4c and Persistent Systems

Four teams of MAIT students are selected for round 2 of Hult regionals to be held at IIT Bombay from 12thd to 14th April 2019.



Movehack 2018

MAIT students won prizes in Smart India Hackathon (SIH18)

HackWithInfy 2018

Hult Prize India National Finals 2018 

ZS Associates Hackathon- Data-a-thon


CSE students won first prize at e-Yantra (eYRC-2017) Robotics Competition

Smart India Hackathon (SIH17)


Special Achievements of individual Student in the Department

  1. HarshitSharma, made Bot Robot for farmer for OSI company. The product is under mass production for commercial use.
  2. Anubhav Jindal, Got All India Rank 4th in “Code n counter”, by Negarro, also, was runner up in Becathon by coding Ninja’s.
  3. TusharAggarwal, AbhiskekBansal (ECE) and Himanshu Chandra won 25000 cash prize for coming first in IIT Hackathon named “Codewars”.
  4. ShadualSinha won 3rdprize(a cash prize of 1100) on the occasion of 153rd birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand by MAIT.
  5. Manavmahajan, Aindransushree ray and Shubhammittal won research based hackathon held at IIT-Delhi by Precog Research group.
  6. Manavmahajan got selected for research Assistantship at NTU, Singapore (He is one of the  6 students selected from India).
  7. ShubhamPuri won MrMridang competition in 2016.
  8. ShubhamGupta, did internship as a part of the CERN openlab summer student 2016 program and won Second prize in the lightning talks that were held in the first session, august 2016.
  9. A team of 4 students named: AdityaBhardwaj(CSE), Anurag Prasad(CSE), Bhavesh Kumar(CSE)and Akash Deep(EEE) participated in EYANTRA: a robotics competition conducted by IIT-Bombay and  received Firebird 5 robot based on ATMEGA 2560 worth 27000 in this competition in 2015.

University Toppers

  1. 2013 Batch           SahilGoyal – 3rd Rank in GGSIPU University 
  2. 2015 Batch           Nikita Gupta – 3rd Rank in GGSIPU University 


University Positions

CSE  B.Tech  2011-2015 Batch Students Secure Top 3 Positions at GGSIP University

  1. Ms. Nishtha Jain                                1st position
  2. Ms. Richa Singh                                2nd position
  3. Mr. Sushil Kumar Goel                       3rd position

“GGSIPU Result Analytics” project developed by IV and III year students of CSE department (Nishant Kakar, Raghav Grover, Himanshu Aggarwal, Rohit Gupta and Kashish Mittal) has been awarded, IIIrd Prize at Inter-College Project Competition organized in association with GGSIPU at Maharaja SurajMal Institute of Technology, Delhi held on 25th May 2015.


“GGSIPU Result Analytics” project developed by IV and III year students of CSE department (Nishant Kakar, Raghav Grover, Himanshu Aggarwal, Rohit      Gupta and Kashish Mittal) has been awarded, Ist Prize at Project Competition organized on 22-Nov-14 at HMRITM.


Students of CSE final year ( Ankit Popli, Mahima Kukreja, Vageesh Vyas, Abhinesh Kaushik and Arpit Goel) won first prize in Project competition held by GGSIP University in May 2013. All affiliated colleges of GGSIPU participated in the competition. Each college sent two best projects from their institute for the project competition. The winning team of CSE MAIT develops application name |Guru|, online quiz, for Android devices.


  1. Two students (3rd year), Eklavya Mirani and Saba Chaudhary have been selected by Microsoft out of total five shortlisted in the dept (Eklavya Mirani, Salil Bansal , Bhavya Saggi, Saba Chaudhary, Ayush Gupta).
  2. Nishant Kakar
    1. Microsoft Student Partner-Dec. 2012
    2. Microsoft India Rockstar Programme (Gunnies World Record Holder ) – Dec. 2012
    3. Developed Applications for Microsoft Phone and Windows Store
  3. Performance in IP university in year 2011-2012
    • Nishtha Jain ranked III in IPU in II year
    • Gagan Vasudev ranked IV in IPU in II year
    • Deepali Gupta ranked V in IPU in IV year