Industry Interaction

Doordarshan, DTH Earth Station, Todapur, Delhi 110012

A Industrial visit was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for the students of 2nd and 3rd year in Doordarshan, DTH Earth Station, Todapur ,Delhi 110012 on 2nd Nov 2017. Dr. Namita Gupta, HOD, CSE and Mr. Ashish Sharma coordinated the event. 45 Students along with three faculty members (Mr. Ashish Sharma, Dr. Pooja Gupta, Ms. Ruchi Goel ) visited the site.

Inside the campus whole setup was divided into categories: Uplink and Downlink. Uplink setup consisted of satellite dishes and high power amplifiers (HPA) used to receive signals from regional centers and uplink them to the satellites using Ku-band whereas the downlink setup (baseband station) consisted of encoders, switches, routers, multiplexers and  duplexers.

Doordarshan is handling 80 channels at present and upgrade plan is going on to handle 2500 channels.

Students gained practical knowledge about real time data centers and transmission of information across the globe.